Treatment story

Personal story

Born 1st July 1970 in Sydney.

As a child I grew up in N.S.W in several different locations also attending several different schools. My family environment was dysfunctional i.e. disconnected from one another. I think the key words missing from my family situation when growing up was unconditional love, unity, boundaries

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I needed to come back

I was a single mother with three daughters, my eldest daughter was living with her boyfriend and looking after her son. I was a total mess, living on the street or staying at friend's places. I had to put my two younger daughters into care, as I felt they would be better off in a stable home as I could not look after myself let alone them.

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Robert’s story

I grew up as a good church boy in a working class suburb of inner Sydney. At school I felt different being one of only a handful of fair anglo-saxon boys in a school full of middle-eastern men. Despite my role and my training at the age of sixteen I abandoned my church, repulsed by certain aspects.

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