Treatment story

A client’s story

I started using in my early teens, predominately alcohol and then I moved on to marijuana, speed and cocaine. The initial reasons for my early drug taking can be attributed to boredom, experimentation and escapism. I felt the normal pressures of growing up and drugs seemed to be a good way to cope with these pressures.

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A client’s thank you letter

Dear all

I just wanted to send a wee thankyou to everyone up there for the experience I had whilst I was there. I have just clocked up two years of drug free time and I know that it is mostly because I did the rehabilitation program at that place. Even though I truly hated every second of it whilst there (LOL), looking back it was the best thing I’ve ever done. What I learned whilst there keeps me going today.

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Thank you

I am writing this letter of appreciation to the rehabilitation organisation to express my gratitude for what the facility has done for me. I completed the 6 month program on August the 13th. During my stay I have learnt a great deal of things about my disease, myself and other people. I've come to accept that

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Former client

I'm a recovering addict. My story is much the same as anyone who uses drugs/alcohol. My life became unmanageable and I ended up living to use. At first it was fun and games, I loved running wild and being rebellious. I was young and that's what you do! I've had three children and our lives were manageable for a number of years.

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