I have been sober now for 14 months

My name is Beth and I was dependent on alcohol. Thanks in particular to WHOS West staff I have been sober now for 14 months. This is by far the longest period of time I have been able to stay sober since I was 14 years old.

I first met Glenda and Vikki (WHOS West staff) back in April, 2013 when I put myself into Nepean detox because I had reached insanity and was knocking on deaths door. I was completely destroyed mentally, emotionally, and physically. By the Grace of God they were able to get me into rehab, and for the first time in my alcoholism, I was assured by these two women I was going to be OK.

However, I decided to go home for a few days between detox and entering the program and within an hour of arriving home I had picked up a drink, and for the next ten days my life was absolutely hell. I lost my position at the rehab and had resigned to the fact there was only one way out of this life and that was death.

I was so lucky and I’m forever grateful that Glenda worked really hard with my Dad who harassed on my behalf to help me get better. Between them, they managed to get me back into detox and straight to WHOS. From this day forward my life began to change rapidly.

After I completed the WHOS Rehab program I moved out to WHOS West. Since being at WHOS West my life in recovery continues to grow and strengthen every day. Staff has taught me and shown me that it is ok to be me and it is ok to get vulnerable, this is a huge step for me as I did not have any trust in anyone to be able to do this. I have also learnt how to have healthy relationships and boundaries with my friends and my family. The most amazing gifts of life in recovery have been taught to me and learnt through the WHOS West program and the amazing staff who work there.

Thanks to WHOS West I am growing into a person that I am proud of being and achieving things I never thought possible for me. Things like taking part in charity fundraisers, doing my certificate 4 in community services, and looking at continuing on to my diploma in AOD, making real friends, being independent and self reliant. I have also been able to rebuild and maintain healthy relationships with the people who I hurt through my use of alcohol.

I owe WHOS West program my entire life. There are no words that can really describe what I have been given since being here and how incredibly warmed and grateful I am for the life I have today.