I was a lost soul

Before coming to WHOS Najara I was a lost soul and knew nothing about myself or what I wanted out of life. I was quite happy sitting in isolation, in self pity, using and sleeping all day everyday with no direction.

I was living back at home with my mum, not working, no real friends and constantly disappointing my family that no longer wanted me around.

I went to my third ‘28 day’ private hospital rehab on the 27th February 2013 and my counsellor suggested I do a long term rehab. I called quite a few different rehabs and WHOS Najara was taking females and I got an assessment straight away.

Since being here at Najara I have been challenged and I am constantly growing. I have learnt so much about my behaviours and have a huge awareness around them. I now have no doubt that in my mind that I am an addict, but now a recovering addict. I have learnt heaps about my thoughts and my insane thinking. I’ve learnt how a therapeutic community works, and I now enjoy being supported and especially giving support. I’ve learned acceptance and tolerance, and how to put principles before personalities, how to look for similarities not differences. I am learning about my issues; how to properly network and put myself out there, even when I feel uncomfortable. I’ve learned that I need other recovering addicts around to support me to stay clean. I could go on and on.

Most of all, I’ve come to the realisation that I need to stay here to give myself a proper chance at recovery. I’ve met beautiful people here, I feel “part of” most of the time, and for the first time ever I actually feel hopeful about my recovery and future. I’m aiming to stay here on the coast, after I complete from WHOS and go and live in the WHOS Buderim Exit House, focus on just my recovery and surrounding myself with other positive recovering addicts.

I’m extremely grateful for WHOS Najara and look forward to my future.

I’ve learned heaps about my own self will, how to not act out on my thoughts and just be aware of them, learning my feelings and just sitting with them. I’ve

learned how to let others be wrong, and myself how to just let go. How not to react, how to take support on, and “if it doesn’t apply let it fly”.