WHOS Day Program

I have been asked to write a short story on my experiences here at the WHOS Day Program and how it made me feel.

Well I started the WHOS Day Program 3 weeks ago; so far 6 sessions. Before I came to WHOS I was getting pretty depressed and didn’t have much confidence. I’ve been residing at Miruma (Cessnock) correctional facility in a diversion program and I was really down until I started the WHOS Day Program on a Tuesday and wow what a great day including the awesome breakfast ha-ha. The people were very welcoming by Wednesday. I felt like a new person, I started catching the bus and train here and felt independent and energetic. I learnt heaps about self esteem. I learnt about meditation which is great, they call it mindfulness. Its great as I am not one to sit still. We had a guy come up in and chat from ACON that was interesting. I went to an art museum for the first time ever and since coming here I felt happy, confident and beautiful again, so guys don’t hesitate it’s great here. Thanks.