Day Program

At the time I started the WHOS Day Program I was still living in Sydney and on the drug court program in Parramatta, however I was in the process of being assessed to be transferred and the Hunter Drug Court Program and returning home to Newcastle to reside with my pregnant partner.

Starting the WHOS Day Program assisted me being approved to transfer home with my partner and resume drug court commitments in the Hunter area. It has also helped in regards to connect with people and having support in the area and has helped providing me with the new and useful strategies to remain abstinent other than Methadone. I have also learnt how to manage and identify different thoughts and feelings and how to diffuse from them as well. I continue to learn more about myself and what my values are from week to week. I have benefited greatly from the Newcastle Day Program thus far and appreciate being given the opportunity to participate and am thankful for the support and knowledge I receive from staff.