Before coming to WHOS MTAR, I was not in a good place

Before coming to WHOS MTAR, I was not in a good place, where being alive was a daily battle and I had become really depressed because of my lifestyle around my drug use. I was stuck in a unit in the inner west and only got out to pick up my methadone. I was totally isolated with very little outside contact and I had set it up that way.

Contacting MTAR was my first step out of the pain of my lifestyle. I expected MTAR to help me as I could not have gotten any worse and was incredibly fearful of what was happening to me, I felt powerless, that I was boxed in and had nowhere to go for help.

MTAR has been amazing, its helped me build my confidence to a level where I believe I can make the important changes in my life; my self esteem has improved, I am able to speak openly, challenge and support my peers and reach out for help when I need too, I have been in the Client House Director (HD) for a few weeks now and believe I am supporting my peers and community. I have been able to connect with other people who are positive in their outlook and supportive of one another. From this I’ve been able to develop healthy peer relationships both in MTAR and in the Recovery community. Finally I have been able to safely reduce off my methadone and am starting to feel good about my life and future for the first time in years.

My family has been able to visit me from Melbourne, thanks to the Family Support Program at WHOS; they have worked with me and my family to help with the reconnection and healing. My parents believe that a Family Support initiative should have happened years ago for us.

I have started a daily program for myself outside of MTAR program hours, which includes some exercise, meditation, reading and attending NA meetings. My goals in the near future are to play sport again and go back to school so I can complete other studies down the line.

I feel really good about where I am heading, now that I am clean off methadone and other substances. My family are becoming more and more trusting each day I am clean. I believe that I can fully achieve my goals and my confidence is getting better every day.