I was brought up in a family where discipline was very tough

I was brought up in a family where discipline was very tough, and as a young boy, I was that kind child who rebelled to that way of life. My family was very strict and good education and professions are greatly expected.

I did a lot of things I am not proud of during my addiction, such as, criminal activities, hurting myself and my family and other people. Nobody trusted me anymore and I hardly trusted anyone as well. I needed to associate with people I didn’t like, all just for the drugs. I have been mostly in and out of relationships, jails, hospitals and institutions. I’ve always been irresponsible in my life, which has made my life unmanageable. The most recent irresponsible act put me back in jail, and that is how I got myself here into the WHOS TC, through Drug Court from prison.

My first four months here were very hard because I had to deal with my problems created from issues with my past and present life, such as court hearings and the chaos of day-to-day issues. WHOS has taught me to be responsible, to deal with my problems on a daily basis which I had never done before, and to be able to manage all my affairs to the best of my ability through what I have learnt here in rehab. I’ve also learnt to identify some of my character defects which I’m currently working on.

The staff at WHOS Gunyah TC, have really helped me get through my program because, as experienced professionals, they understand me better than anyone else has in the past. They know how my mind works and so know how to deal and understand me when I have some issues that I need to give my attention to. The staff and my peers at WHOS help me identify the necessary actions to be taken in my daily program. Whether I’m doing enough in my program, or if I’m going back to my old habits and behaviours, others can help. I can see that they truly care, because I had trust issues before and now I know that I can really trust some people with my problems.

My time here at WHOS TC has taught me how to take on support from everyone (peers and staff) and how to support my fellow peers with their issues, helping them find solutions in their life. One problem dealt with is one problem solved.

I have truly changed in some ways, which have made me a better person. I can communicate better with others, and my new life now is getting much better. My family has come to trust me again and I am physically and mentally much healthier now. I’m really happy and content with what I have now, even the simple things in life.

I am truly grateful to the WHOS program and with my fellow peers, because without them I would still be out there wasting my life away in addiction. I now like going to

after-care, enjoying the company of my new friends in recovery and have a good relationship with my mentor. I know that if I keep on applying myself in the program, my Recovery will get better. As I continue to change myself into a better person, my life can also only get better.