When I first came to WHOS

When I first came to WHOS, I was having problems with drug use. I was taking a lot of xanax and doing things that I would never dream of doing. I was taking Methadone and still am now.

I did completed RTOD program before going onto extended care at WHOS. I did of the groups and it motivated me to stay off non prescribed drugs and get back on my feet. I was at RTOD for four months. I also went to MA (Methadone Anonymous) and other self help meetings which helped too. I got a lot of help and guidance from the staff and my peers who were at the RTOD Therapeutic Community. We all helped each other with our problems and that got me through my hard times. While there, I got into routines, so that I wouldn’t do anything to set myself up or get into trouble.

I will never regret doing the WHOS RTOD OST program. I would recommend it to other people, if they needed help like I did.

After RTOD I moved to a WHOS transition stage house for another three months, which is the next step. This stage is about getting more motivated and practicing skills for life. In this stage I chose to work in Maintenance Unit with other WHOS Senior residents and we fixed all sorts of things that needed repair. I also worked in the gardens, which are very large and need a lot of work.

After these three months I moved into the Extended Care phase of the OST program, which has more freedom to make choices for myself. I have been on weekend leave many times, to see my family without any problems. I still do self help meetings as well on my leave. I feel trusted because I do not drink or use drugs when I go off the grounds. I’m still on my methadone maintenance program.

I was introduced to Communicare via the WHOS Outreach worker, which now helps me with other things. They have helped me go for my fork-lift license and paid for me to do the tests. They were also very nice people.

I also go to the gym and I feel I am doing a lot with my life. I feel a whole lot better and I am more motivated. I have got good friends and good people who help me.

Thanks to WHOS,