Up until 13 my life was great...

Up until 13 my life was great
I had a mum, a home and I felt safe
But then she died and I lost my home and I lost my life
It got to the stage where I had no hope
Four and a half years later I’m in rehab as a result.

For a while I had nothing to give and nothing to gain
All I had was all this pain
Living on the streets has taught me heaps
I’ve done lots of things that were so discreet
I travelled from city to city, state to state
All I had, was to believe in fate.
Then I got to the point where I went for help
It really felt like finding self
The workers were great and
For the first time I felt safe!
They made me realise things
Like that drugs were wrong 
I actually stopped wanting shots and bongs
So now I’m learning to read and write
And to go through life with one big fight
And now I must thank certain staff
Without them I would be torn apart
So thanks to you, you’re the best