I grew up in a single parented family...

I grew up in a single parented family with 4 other siblings, it was dysfunctional and was filled with drugs and violence. At the early age of 4 I witnessed my grandmother die and that was my first sense of injustice of the world and from then onwards I turned my back from the love of God.

I was sexually abused by a friend of the families and bound to secrecy. I grew up more confused and alone and thought of the world as a cruel place where everyone’s innocence is stolen. When I look at the past a lot of the reason why I used drugs was that I was searching for acceptance from family, which were doing the same.

I began to smoke marijuana at the age of 9 and started to see my sister use speed and that tore me apart, so I started stealing it off her and started to learn how to inject at the age of 10 and that began my downward spiral into suicidal addiction.

A lot of the stuff I went through I can’t even remember which always brings a tear to my eyes. By the time I was 12 I was always in conflict with my family mainly about drugs. I got kicked out and began a life on the streets, which lead me to cocaine and heroin and my downfall into addiction. I became a prostitute, I lived in Sydney, where I found myself being raped at least once a month. So I came back to Brisbane, back to my family where I was raped by my uncle, so I ran again to escape from reality.

I found myself overdosing but I kept on using. Then I wanted to get clean, I went to detox, came out and used on my 16th. Then I went back 1 year later and lasted 1 day, then I kept using.

A year later I was starting to use speed again and before I knew it I was in treatment again. Now 7 months later, my life could not be better, I have found me again after 7 years of using.

I have now regained my life and today I will graduate the treatment program. I feel I am ready to go out into the big, bad world. Now my life begins and I am going to live it right.