There was a lot of alcoholism in the family

I remember when I was young there was a lot of alcoholism in the family and being the youngest child I always felt alone with having an eldest sister that was never there and my father never being there due to his employment.

I grew up hanging around a lot of older people trying to be older than I was. Then I started hanging around older people with dodgy families and before I knew it I was in a cycle of drugs. I started using when I was 14 and selling stuff to support whatever I was using.

This went on for 10 years until I hit my rock bottom, nearly losing my parents. Then my Dad and I came to a rehabilitation centre for an assessment and Dad talked me out of it on the way home. So I agreed not to go in and continued using for another 4 months.

I then decided to put myself into the rehab centre. I stayed there for 7 months and graduated the program.

Today I am 3 years clean and it has been really good having my life back with my family and living life to the fullest.