How I saw my life

How I saw my life as a young teenager was pretty scary. I had false friendships, a dysfunctional family and most of all no peace of mind or direction in life. I was naturally attracted to the fast lane of life and found myself in all sorts of situations,

experimenting with designer drugs and meeting weird and wonderful people. By the age of 17 I was pretty much destined for jail. I had lost family, friends, jobs and my soul.

I continued using drugs to escape my fears and loneliness. I struggled within myself to reach out for support, so having said that, the law had no alternative but to send me to jail. I asked for seven years until I finally managed to receive an opportunity to help myself through the Drug Courts.

I was scared and confused and had very little faith in the system but somehow I allowed myself to trust the courts and allow them to support me. I soon found myself in a drug rehabilitation centre, not knowing what to expect or how I might change.

All I knew was that I had a strong desire to get clean. Today through dedication and willingness I’ve regained my family support and a free mind to make my own choices in life. By doing the program I’ve learnt how to live life happy and content with out feeding my body with drugs. And I’m so grateful today, just being able to wake up each morning and not having all that pain and suffering which entails addiction.