Started using drug when I was 15

When I was 15 I started using drugs. To start with I experimented with marijuana, speed, ecstasy, cocaine etc. Things began to really get out of control when I found myself with a heroin habit at 18. Up until that stage I had believed that I was different from anyone else and would not develop a habit.

I quickly realised that I could no longer manage and was addicted. I had a number of unsuccessful attempts on a pharmacotherapy programs, however I could not bear to give up.

I went through countless excruciating detoxes, but just picked straight back up again. Heroin took me to a disgusting place, one where I would stop at nothing to get it. I robbed a lot of people, even family and prostituted myself.

Every cent I could get my hands on went to heroin, therefore I lived on the streets — squats, toilet blocks or just wherever I landed. Eventually I landed in jail, was released and then straight back into it. The next time I went to jail I found out I was pregnant.

I applied for a Drug Court Order and was released from jail to go to a drug rehabilitation centre. Though at the time I didn’t think so, this turned out to be the best thing I could of done for myself and my then unborn child.

My life changed on so many levels. I truly believe had I not gone into treatment that I would be dead or at the very least would not have my daughter. Today I am 2 years clean, have a beautiful daughter, work in administration in a treatment centre and thank god every day that I am no longer in active addiction.