During my addiction I lost everything

During my addiction I lost everything from my family, finances and my unit. I ended up going to rehab I thought nothing could help me because I was that far gone. I found that the treatment that I received was good. It didn’t only get me off the drugs but it helped me in controlling my anger. When I walked in the doors

I was the sort of person you wouldn’t want to be around or even talk to. But I found a place where people didn’t judge me they all made me feel welcome. Life is too short that is what I realised when off the drugs. Sure at the time I enjoyed taking them but now I look back on the damage it has done to my head. Just imagine having to take medication for the rest of your life because you found out you got schizophrenia and being paranoid thinking that people are always after you, in the end it’s not worth it. Life is too precious to waste. In the end of it I am glad I got this treatment because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here writing about this today.