A client’s thank you letter

Dear all

I just wanted to send a wee thankyou to everyone up there for the experience I had whilst I was there. I have just clocked up two years of drug free time and I know that it is mostly because I did the rehabilitation program at that place. Even though I truly hated every second of it whilst there (LOL), looking back it was the best thing I’ve ever done. What I learned whilst there keeps me going today.

I’m truly grateful and I wanted to let you all know how great it is what you’ve got on offer. I am still in contact with some of the people I became close to and we always have a giggle at the fun we had there.

I want to also thankyou for giving me the opportunity to go to Sydney in a housing program. I have an awesome network of friends today. Although we have recovery in common most of us had been to your service. (Seems everybody has been to it). Ha ha ha. So I thought I would let you guys know how fabulous ya’s are, in case ya’s didn’t already know it. It’s a hard long road but it’s the one I want these days. On a bad day the thing that gets me thru is the thought of having to come back and do it all AGAIN. Just for today that ain't gunna happen (LOL).

My life today is fantastic; I have been overseas once already and am heading off again very soon. I can function in the world today because I went thru your program. I’m deeply grateful to you all.