Thank you

I am writing this letter of appreciation to the rehabilitation organisation to express my gratitude for what the facility has done for me. I completed the 6 month program on August the 13th. During my stay I have learnt a great deal of things about my disease, myself and other people. I've come to accept that

I will be an addict for the rest of my life, however today I know that I have a choice of whether to use drugs and suffer the consequences of my actions or to live a drug free life and accept responsibility for the choices and actions that I do make.

The program you have given me to apply over the past 6 months is one that has taught me to be responsible, accept and respect myself and other people for who and what they believe. To be honest, open minded and willing to change old behaviour, to actively work a self help program into my daily life as it can and will keep me clean.

Prior to coming to rehab, my life was in tatters, unable to keep a steady job, personal care and hygiene practically non-existent. Relationships with my mother, brothers and my son were volatile through verbal and mental abuse, with my father seemingly the only person who could get through my barriers and offer me the advice I needed. For a long time I tried to manage by myself through control but this was doomed every time. Then came the day I said to myself I couldn't keep going and I needed help. Through detox and my fathers help I was fortunate enough to obtain a bed with your program. I just can't say enough how much your staff have helped me. Today I am making the transition back into the community by way of your support. I believe I have settled in pretty well with not only my peers here at the house but with myself and general everyday life. I have applied for a couple of jobs recently and hope to be gainfully employed in the coming weeks. If nothing comes yet, so be it. I have patience today and am willing to do what it takes to maintain a drug free life. The foundation that your program has put into place for me to build on.

Today I have the respect of my peers, my mother talks to me, my brothers are back in my life and mostly my son is proud to say I am his father.

I have a lot of work to do but by keeping it in the day, simple and one day at a time, I can live a drug free life.

Once again I thank you all for the time and effort that you do put into your wonderful facility for the benefit of people who want to help themselves but need help. As for me I am a much calmer, accepting person with a knowledge of how to live thanks to you all.

Yours Sincerely