My journey through treatment

For me personally my stay at the treatment centre has been rewarding to say the least. Where do I start, the program itself is based on Pharmacotherapy to Abstinence whilst living in a community which provides safety, structure, peer support, a program to start building a foundation for recovery, facilitated by staff.

This program has taught me to cope with life on life's terms without having to use mind or mood altering drugs. Principles and spirituality is based around self help group programs.

When first coming to this treatment, I must admit to being somewhat overwhelmed by the intensity of this program, community support is strong, which I found a little confronting as this brought up issues that I needed to deal with (defects of character) and change.

This program has taught me to have self honesty, to be open minded, to have willingness to do whatever it takes to get clean and stay clean, courage to change, self-esteem, acceptance, wisdom, hope, faith and many more qualities.

Now I have reached almost completion of this six month program I am able to say with conviction that if I put in place the things I have learnt I now have a choice not to use drugs and not to allow old behaviour back into my life.

With the help of self help group programs I have built a strong foundation for my life in recovery and look forward to building a new life on top of that foundation. I must however never lose sight of where I came from and in order to keep my foundation strong I need to seek support from fellow recovering addicts as the philosophy of these programs is one addict helping another, to keep what we have we must give it away.