Richard’s story

Well, before I came to this treatment, I was a very lost person and pretty messed up. Always depending on drugs and this was not just to get stoned but also to live and associate and just to fit in. I always felt alone. And because of this, it caused me to go into a depression state, which caused me to go deeper into my drug use.

To do this I had to do a lot of crime to feed my habit that built up over a long period of time.

After time and time again of trying different things to kick my habit, I came to realise I needed to go to rehab to get over my sickness and to work on my issues. So I put myself into the treatment to begin my journey to recovery and to get my life back on track.

Since I have come here I have learnt a lot, such as working on my self-esteem, emotions, some self-confidence, self worth and to trust in others and to love others and myself.

Being placed into a 'senior client position of responsibility' has taught me a lot about responsibility and has improved my self-confidence. Staff have trusted me with various jobs involving trust and looking after new residents. I answer the phone and help with the day to day running of the program, which has helped my assertiveness skills.

Mum and Dad are heaps proud of me and want me to keep going the way I am, and not go back to my old ways. I think they are just happy with me living life on life's terms, not me living life on my terms.
I enjoy access to self-help meetings and get a lot out of it. I relate to other people's experiences and I really am happy about other people caring about me.

I'm still in the last stage of my detox and sometime I feel crook, up and down. I'm very anxious to get clean. My health is a lot better since I've been here. I've given up smoking in rehab, it is three months this Friday.

I want to go to support housing with my peers. Then I can visit my mum drug free.