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Emotional sharks and dolphins

I grew up in what I call Ken and Barbie land. A middle class picture perfect Australian family. Everything on the outside looked like Ken and Barbie’s dolls house but, on the inside it was an emotional war zone. My father was a violent alcoholic, and incest was a part of life in our home. I spent my childhood dreaming about running away.

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52 and an ex opiate user

Hi, I'm 52 and an ex opiate user I used for about 35 years, different types of opiates whatever I could get. In the mid nineties I decided that I was tired of a drug controlling my life, so I made a desperate visit to a pharmacotherapy clinic, it was either get help or die. They were extremely supportive, put me on the program and after 3 years I was straight, it wasn’t easy but I was determined to get my life back again.

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