Personal story


I miss the sound of ice cubes breaking through a Tullamore Dew. The hot times with Chivas Regal. But the best drinks are behind me.

I'm getting used to the dry rush of a decaffeinated lifestyle and my pet dove gets to see the sun rise now I'm up with the parting of the curtains.

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Break the cycle

I was 18 when I first tried drugs. I didn’t touch them again until I was 24. Then for 3 years I partied every weekend and heavily with ecstasy and amphetamines mainly. It took 3 years before I realised I was losing my relationship, my friends and destroying my relationship with my family.

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I did it!

About thirteen years ago I got heavily involved in drugs after my father died. My husband and I were addicted to heroin and speed at different times and over the course of those years, I did some terrible things to be able to afford to pay for them and hurt a lot of people I cared about.

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