My guardian angel

I am a 42 year old woman. I have used alcohol and drugs since the age of 18. I never thought I had a problem up until 12 months ago; I lost so much because of drugs, even myself.


The hard part was going through a drug psychosis. I stopped using drugs as I was losing my mind in such a sense I didn’t think I was ever going to get better. 12 months later I’m doing great, I choose not to take any medication from the doctors but I do take alternative medicine.

I went through a psychosis period for about six months, it’s not easy, its scary, but it also made me not want to go back to drugs. I’ve now done a couple of small courses and I’m also looking at doing a drug & alcohol course next year at TAFE, as I would like to become a drug and alcohol worker, as I feel I have a lot of good input to give others.