Fingers crossed

I hope this will be a positive story. This is something I won’t know for some time. I am in the midst of attempted abstinence. It is a daily battle and has been since the early nineties, when I first went on the pharmacotherapy program.

I have continued to fight the cravings without being admitted to rehab (although would have loved to at times).

My reasons for not going to rehab are mainly because I have not wanted anyone to know about my substance abuse.

I would be what you call a highly functioning addict. I work full time in a professional occupation and manage (only just at times) to hide from those around me what is really going on. I waver between justifying my use as "recreational only" to acknowledging I have and always will have a problem in this area.

I am currently looking into another pharmacotherapy program as a way of addressing the cravings I still experience, now that I have been off the original program for a few months.

In the mean time I try and take one hour at a time and keep busy!!

I heard someone (I think it was from Brisbane) on the radio last week talking about "Positive Stories" and I very much related to a lot of what she had to say. It was good to know I'm not the only one...