A youngster’s story

I’m 18 years of age and I grew up on the North Coast. Up there we teenagers had not much to do but party, take drugs and drink for fun. It all started when I was about 14. Me and some mates thought it would be cool to smoke some pot. 2 years later I found myself addicted to it.

Not a day would go past where I wouldn't smoke some weed. I would go home when my parents were not there and steal money from them just to pay off my $200 a week habit.

After a while I would get really depressed and angry and fight with my parents for no reason and even come to blows with my dad. So it was time I decided to get some help. I visited a local counsellor and he put me on a program to find out how much I was smoking and how often. Two months later, one of my good mates committed suicide — that ripped me apart. I was then on to some heavier drugs such as speed, pills and a lot of alcohol, which I still have problems with. I would go out of my way just to get on it and I would not go home for days, as I would just sit around getting off my head. Then when I would start to come down I would hit it some more until I ran out or had no more money to get on.

It was Australia Day this year when I snapped out of it. The night before, me and my mates at the time got on it. But to get on it we had to do a “break and enter” which was nothing unusual for back then. Anyway we hit it hard and a mate overdosed on speed and had to get rushed to hospital. We met him up there and the doctor said he was in a bad way and that he could have brain damage.

After that I decided to quit everything. It took a while and I had to get some sleeping pills for the pot, as I could not sleep at night and then I was starting to abuse them and my mum found out and had to hide them from me and give me 1 a night. At the moment I am clean of all types of drugs, off the sleeping pills and trying to cut back on the alcohol, which I have a lot of problems with. Not a night goes by where I don't get pissed, but I am confident that I can get there. I am glad I did all this at a young age and got out of that life early, as I know if you put your mind to it you can do it, anyone can. So to all you people who read this, good luck and all the best. Don't wait till it is too late.Anonymous.