I did it!

About thirteen years ago I got heavily involved in drugs after my father died. My husband and I were addicted to heroin and speed at different times and over the course of those years, I did some terrible things to be able to afford to pay for them and hurt a lot of people I cared about.


Our saving grace was first a want to get better and accepting that we had a problem that we wanted to change. Then we met an angel in W.A., a doctor who for half of his working week treats patients addicted to heroin with a rapid detox treatment and a pharmacotherapy program, which basically saved our lives. It also took the love of our family who never gave up on us even though we fell off the wagon a few times. I also attended a free counselling service that enabled me to talk through all the things necessary to move forward. Each session was emotionally hard but I walked out of there each time like a weight had been lifted off me, so I could hold my head high again.

I was pregnant the last time we detoxed and got clean, so the need to be a good mother was another step in my recovery. My husband got a job that restructured our lives away from the drug scene. This was another important step, letting go of our drug friendships and moving completely away from that scene. I still had challenging times when I would go past an area where I had taken drugs, or saw a car the same as a dealer I knew had, but each time you face those things and deal with it without drugs, it gets a little bit easier.

Letting go of the speed part was a bit harder as there are no pills you can take to keep you away from it like the heroin. But each time we had to come down off speed and the pain that we went through in doing that, helped us say we really don’t want to be doing this. We have many, many times fallen off the wagon, but each time we just got back up and tried again and again to the point where we are today 5 years clean (what a hard, long struggle but thank god we did). We now own our own house, car, have 2 most extraordinary boys (our angels) my husband is a manager and I am about to start youth work and addiction studies, so I can help those who need it and don’t have the love and support that I had going through all of this. I also found a great guy who helped us get a loan even with our terrible credit.

So to any one out there JUST DO IT don’t wait another second; the regrets later of time lost is terrible. I now have a real urgency to make up for lost time.