52 and an ex opiate user

Hi, I'm 52 and an ex opiate user I used for about 35 years, different types of opiates whatever I could get. In the mid nineties I decided that I was tired of a drug controlling my life, so I made a desperate visit to a pharmacotherapy clinic, it was either get help or die. They were extremely supportive, put me on the program and after 3 years I was straight, it wasn’t easy but I was determined to get my life back again.


I was abused as an 11 year old (raped), in and out of psych hospitals, girls homes and a time in prison. Then into a 13 year relationship, that was extremely violent. I came out of all of this badly damaged, opiates helped me not feel or see what was happening to me.

I survived with pharmacotherapy help and good counselling, but mostly I did it myself, I think I was just determined to live my life on my terms.

I'm studying now, community welfare at the moment and next year addiction studies if I'm accepted in to a social welfare degree.

I just wanted to say that pharmacotherapy programs work when you are ready, that time comes to every user, all we have to do is keep people alive until then.

I have HCV and have received a lot of positive support for that. All these support agencies work, I hope they are always there for people like me.

This is just a short version of my life, it doesn’t seem so bad, but it took a very long time and a lot of support to get where I am now. I hope I can give back to my community some of the help it has given me.

Thanks for reading this and being interested.