Family story

A Dream Come True

A Sportsman’s Journey from Drug Hell to Whole

Thank you for the opportunity to offer my story, both from the perspective of a worker in the field (I have worked in residential alcohol and other drug treatment services for over 15 years) and from the perspective of ‘a mum of a wonderful son’. When my son was 22 years old I tried to do the textbook thing and say

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A Mother's Story

I'm here today to talk about my family and the effect my son's drug use and mental health issues, has had on us. I'm a single mum with a son Nathan, now aged 21 and a daughter, Lily now 15. I've been on my own with the 2 kids for 13 years. My relationship with their father broke up because of his drug and alcohol abuse.

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The best year of our lives

I am a parent of a recovering drug addict. Our story is at times sad but ultimately it is one of hope and happiness. Our son, we will call him Justin, was a typical teenager, he went to school, played in a band, had a solid group of friends, nothing out of the ordinary. When he was about 15 he came home drunk one night.

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My brother’s back

This morning at 7.30am I received a phone call from my brother Steven. I have received numerous phone calls from my brother Steven over the last 6 weeks. This may not sound like anything different to other families but to me each and every phone call I now receive is better than the last and each and every time I hang up the phone I have a smile on my face.

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Dear staff

Thank you for all you have done for John. You have enabled him to touch a depth inside himself that has empowered him to want to fight to stop or combat the addiction. When he said that, when this was over he wanted to go back and volunteer at the centre! Obviously you did make an impression!

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