Medically Supervised Injecting Centre and my daughter

My name is S,

There are so many stories I can tell you about how the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre has changed the worlds for the better of people I know – but as I have such a short time to speak, I will tell you one story.

story is of the one person I love most in the world – my beloved daughter. My girl has used drugs for eleven years; she is 26 years old. During these years, there has been so much fear, so much pain – so much grief.

A few things have given me hope during this time; conversations with daughter, people’s love and support for me and the hope I have experienced in establishing relationships with other drug users whose paths have changed forever.

Parents who relate to and understand my story have also been a catalyst and touchstone of hope for me, as have several services that have supported my daughter – and me.

The service that most stands out for me in the truly profound way that it has assisted and supported my daughter is the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre. My daughter utilises this amazing service on a daily basis.

Before she used the service for the first time, she participated in a process that allowed the staff to have a comprehensive history of her drug use, whilst also giving my daughter an understanding of the rules, and her rights, when using the centre.

I know that she is watched over when she injects, I know she won’t overdose whilst she injects on the Centre’s premises. I know she has been educated at the centre about using drugs safely, and when there, I know she injects safely.

I know that the wonderful staff have developed a relationship with her – I know that they care and nurture her.

Before she began using the Centre, I have been told of so many occasions she used unsafely; using water from toilets, dirty cans when she couldn’t get a spoon – and overdosing on too many occasions to mention.

I know how often the staff have cared for her, have put her in contact with relevant services such as mental health, have talked and listened to her. The most overwhelming example of their care I can think to share with you is of my daughter’s recent pregnancy.

My daughter told me she did not even know that she was a child until during the birthing process – when the child was being removed from her body.

The staff at the Injecting centre realised when they saw her shortly after the birth that she was completely disorientated, and physically very unwell. If not for them, my daughter – who can be very elusive when it comes to contact with services, allowed them to care for her and contact mental health and other relevant services.

It is only a beginning – but without a Centre – no connection with mental health services would have taken place.

My story is only one of thousands in the way the Centre assists, saves and changes lives.

Please hear my words and understand my message – without the Centre people will die; as they did before it was established – and if it is taken away, they will again.

Thank you.