My son

My name is R,

I am a single person, my beautiful son is the reason I am writing this letter.

I only by accident came across a phone no. out of a phone book and it was Family Drug Support the middle of the night when I was scared and worried about how my sons life was going.

We have had the best time on our own since he was 4. Our interest is horses, the reason we got involved to show my son how great life can be and gave him an interest we could share together. His riding became great, his confidence soared, for at least 10 years we tripped about dragging the horse float. Great years.

At 17 his first job in the mines in Qld, too much money too soon in such a short time I could see his life getting messed up. Mixing with people doing stupid, dangerous things. A angry young man so lost.

I don’t believe my son was involved in more than marijuana, speed and binge drinking. But I could see that I had to do something drastic. We have only a small family his sister, me and his brother in law and 2 beautiful granddaughters. They were living in Tasmania so after Andrew asked me several times I shipped him off to Tasmania. Where he has been living on a farm high up in the mountains. Living with love, getting his life back, clearing his head. Now back in Qld after a year without a job he is working again paying off his bills and I am so grateful for getting on the phone with you guys you gave me the skills to go ask for help, support him and not judge him. Lucky there was a new group in Charters Towers where we were living and their support was so helpful . Whether my sons goes off the rails again I don’t know but he seems to have a different attitude now, happier, more content. So for now I keep positive and seem able to ride the waves much better.

I have my beautiful son back. Having had to say goodbye to one of my daughters taken from a terrible disease many years ago you would think and you would think the worry and pain of Andrew getting involved in this crap would not have scared me so much. But it is by far so much worse. I see a lost generation happening before my eyes, so hard to fight. Will the world ever stop this disaster.

Your magazine is so helpful it has opened my eyes and helped me so much. When I read your stories of kids so lost in pain and turning their lives around I see hope.

We need more groups like yours. So few in Qld, so much need. Is there any way of spreading your such needed work to sunny Qld. We need your organisation.