My Stepping Stones Perspective

Years ago I attended one of the first Stepping Stones Courses. I remember walking into the group feeling overwhelmed because I had never done anything like this before. One of the things I realised within the first 30 minutes was that I had never cried.

With all my son’s years of drug using, jail and all the pressure, I had never let myself feel anything. All I did was keep one foot in front of the other to be able to manage work, life and my son.

Within an hour of the course, I felt myself completely break. I was inconsolable. Tony had the people of the group form a cradle and they gently lifted me and rocked me. This was the beginning of a new start.

During the course of the weekend I learnt the skills to be able to take my life back. What my son did was beyond my control. This course gave me the strength to be able to cope and set in place survival tools. I learnt to support without enabling. I learnt to laugh again, and most importantly I allowed myself to feel. Lifelong friends were also made.

This course was a lifesaver to both myself and my son. It was the beginning of my recovery and in turn my son’s. It changed my life. My son has come a long way since I did the course. He has a job, new friends and has a completely different outlook on life. I believe that doing this course and recovering myself saved both of us.