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People have many different experiences with drugs and alcohol; some of them are personal, some of them are with friends or family. Sometimes it's not easy to talk and share your experiences and views with others and so this website has been designed to allow you, and anybody with a story to tell, the opportunity to share with others.

This is not a website to criticise or promote drug and alcohol use. We know there are a range of reasons why people use these substances and we want to hear your story.

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Tell your story to share with others

This website is open for everybody to use. You can be someone who has used, or continues to use, drugs and alcohol. You can be someone who works in the field. You can be a parent, a grandparent, an employer. In fact, you can be anybody.

Tell Your Story is also designed to understand the Australian experience with drugs and alcohol and hopefully to help us talk more openly about drug and alcohol use in our society.


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